Yoga Outside the Lines at Wanderlust Stratton with Debby Siegel, RYT.

When we are born, our minds are clear and our body is supple. Throughout life, we gather unnecessary luggage, adorning labels handed to us by even the most well-meaning people. This external messaging continuously fogs our minds and over time reveals itself as tightness and pain in the body. At Wanderlust Stratton you will find space in your mind and body. Yoga Outside the Lines will guide you on this journey back to the artist you were prior to the baggage. With charcoal as our medium, we’ll flow on a canvas and venture back to a place when we were unencumbered by labeling thoughts, back to your true nature where inspiration and intuition flow. You will reveal a more delightful and delicious perspective and life. Join me June 21-24 for Wanderlust Stratton. Tickets are on sale now. http://wlfe.st/2s9zQCq