• Art Basel Miami Yama Yoga with Debby Siegel Dec 8 9:30am
    Art Basel Miami Yama Yoga with Debby Siegel Dec 8 9:30am

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Poolside Flow Yoga by Life Time teacher Debby Siegel
Poolside Flow Yoga by Life Time teacher Debby Siegel on Sundays 7p

Life Time

Life Time is a membership-based luxury athletic country club. Message me to be my guest for a day.

Climb So iLL yoga students in dancer pose

Climb So iLL

Drop in to either Power Plant (Lafayette Square StL) or Steel Shop (St. Charles) for just $10. We usually climb after class!

Shanti Yoga Tower Grove Debby Siegel Vin Yin
Shanti Yoga Tower Grove with Debby Siegel Vin Yin


Shanti Yoga Studio offers infrared heated or warmed classes in the heart of Tower Grove. Be my guest.

Debby’s Self Discovery

Forever a student of this mighty practice, it was in her forties that Debby discovered yoga and the healing it grants the body and mind. It has helped her navigate many of life’s transitions since, including a career shift into the humbling role of yoga teacher. Debby creatively guides yoga students with her earthy mix of attentive alignment, fluid movement and breath awareness. She encourages curiosity about the practice and often uses props to further enhance the asana experience. Debby’s fresh ideas engage people’s imaginations as students are whisked away from routine and carried along on magical yoga journeys with inspiration woven into every class, workshop, and event she leads. With no shortage of causes she champions, Debby lives her mantra “I possess infinite potential” every day.

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11/21/2023(2 events)

9:15 am: FLOW Heated


Flow Vinyasa Yoga at Life Time Frontenac by Debby Siegel

Build physical and mental strength as you flow through a dance-like series of yoga poses, drawing on the breath as your inner source of power in this energizing class.

What to Expect

Set to heart-pumping music in a heated studio, this athletic class will shine a light on the reactivity of your mind. My sequencing builds throughout the 60 minutes to prepare your body for flowing in the finale flow. After a spinal warmup with an intentional Sun A and hip warmup with a Sun B designed to target the body parts we'll activate and lengthen in our Sun C, you will feel prepared for the series of flowing yoga sequenced specifically for you to explore poses on your own, moving at your personal pace. Your breath will guide you to a state of mental calm in the midst of this powerfully energetic experience.

Why it Works

FLOW is designed to reveal and cultivate your own internal resources — the rhythm of your breath, the steadiness of your mind and the strength of your body — so you can face life’s challenges with confidence and poise.



Athletes recognize how paramount fluid breathwork is to supporting a relaxed body and mind when performing at a physical limit. Climbers specifically. So, we begin each class focusing on our breath and slowing it into deep diaphragmatic breathing. Once connecting to this centering, stress-relieving ingredient, we begin moving energy though our bodies with a vinyasa flow, core work and stretching exercises, that will build strength for the cruxes of our chosen sport.

Complementing your athletic endeavors with a regular yoga practice, you can benefit from improved stamina, flexibility, agility and centering. In addition, yoga enhances proprioception, a vital ingredient in all sports. This class will be tailored to athletes and specifically climbers, so we can all stay in tip top mental and physical shape through this "re-entry" timeframe.

  • TUESDAYS 6:30pm  - Climb So iLL Power Plant - St. Louis
  • THURSDAYS 12n - Climb So iLL Steel Shop - St. Charles

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11/23/2023(2 events)



Expand possibility through fluid breathwork, supporting your relaxed body and mind. We begin each class focusing on our breath and slowing it into deep diaphragmatic breathing. Once connecting to this centering, stress-relieving ingredient, we begin moving energy though our bodies with a vinyasa flow, core work and stretching exercises, that will build strength and agility.

This class is tailored to individual needs each session.

5:15 pm: FLOW - Heated


Students in Flow Yoga at Life Time

This dynamic and challenging vinyasa yoga class synchronizes breath and builds strength through continuous movement. This class is guided and in a heated studio. The temperature set to 94º.

Each time you attend a yoga class you are gifting your Self another opportunity to learn and grow. In each FLOW class you will have the space and permission to move at the pace of your breath, in that moment, in that class. If you choose to come for the physical benefits, you'll find them. You will get stronger, more flexible, more mobile. Yoga can help you prevent injuries and heal injuries. In addition to the physical aspects, you might elect to spend time on your mat for the mental growth, creating new synaptic connections in your brain that help you balance out your thoughts. Through exploring shapes and challenging your edges, you will address all layers of you. Your physical body, mental body and emotional body. We will ground into the moment and feel ourselves expanding in this class where portions of it you are gifted with time to flow without my voice guiding you. This allows for you to more deeply connect to the communication between your mind and body without interference... without distraction. We have so much of that in our day-to-day lives. Come explore your potential on a yoga mat.

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11/25/2023(2 events)

10:45 am: SURRENDER - Yin


Surrender Yoga

Learn to Let Go

This slow, meditative yin-yoga practice is designed to mindfully stress your body’s connective tissues as you breathe into the ever-changing sensations that arise in long-held poses.

What to Expect

You’ll be guided through a series of passive postures, mostly done on the floor. Poses are held for up to several minutes, allowing fascia and joints to gradually compress or release. This class is suitable for all experience levels; you’ll learn to utilize your breath and observe your natural tendencies when faced with discomfort.

Why it Works

Physically, long-held yoga poses mobilize and lubricate the joints and can help make these tissues more flexible. Mentally, these poses challenge you to meet arising resistance with mindfulness and self-compassion, teaching you to find the middle ground between craving and aversion.

12:15 pm: ROOT - Fundamentals


ROOT yoga at Life Time Frontenac with Debby Siegel

ROOT Fundamentals is a signature yoga class of LifePower Yoga at Life Time Frontenac. The intention for ROOT is to provide a welcoming entry point to Life Time Yoga. It is designed for students new to yoga, students dealing with physical limitations or injuries, and experienced students who are looking to slow their practice down. This class has a therapeutic quality to it by allowing students to feel more, look inward and heal deeply.

This is held in the large studio at Life Time and has become a family of students who are committed to rewarding their physical, mental and emotional beings with 60 minutes dedicated on each Saturday to their whole being. If you are new or not, this class has something for you. I guide it with loving care and intend for each student to find moments of deep connection to themselves and to discover new curiosity and wonder every week. We have props available again and use them regularly. Your sacred space awaits. Come settle your mind and center you.

Debby practicing her trademarked yoga outside the lines

Unique Experiences

Naturally playful with a centering demeanor, Debby inspires students and followers through creative one-of-a-kind opportunities to inquire more about themselves with a childlike sense of wonder. Connecting becomes an automatic biproduct. 

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