Manifest Station Situation

What to Pack:

Here are some things you might want to pack for the weekend:

  • Sunscreen
  • Bug spray
  • Twin Sheets (if you are in lodging)
  • Blanket(s)
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Pillow
  • Yoga Mat
  • Instruments
  • White garment to tie dye


Manifest Station is a family-friendly weekend with kids of all ages welcome. Kids who are under 4 are free. We have some sections of the 250-acre property designated just for adults, so you can get your freak on without disturbing the youth. There will be a kids’ activities village where youngsters can enjoy music, crafts, games and yoga led by Camp Manitowa Assistant Song Leader & CIT, Ande Siegel.


Dogs are welcome as long as they are people and dog friendly and remain on a leash.


Acoustic jamming of all sorts is encouraged! In fact, we will have the pavilion in the center of camp designated for anyone wishing to jam together throughout the weekend.  However, no amplified music is allowed other than the bands on the Station Stage.


From St. Louis Follow I-64 E until it turns south at I-57 S. Take exit 45 from I-57 S to IL-148 N.  – 1 h 50 min (126 mi)
Continue on IL-148 N. Take Grassy Rd to Camp Cedar Point Ln  – 15 min (10.2 mi)
1327 Camp Cedar Point Ln
Makanda, IL 62958


Please consider carpooling, as it saves money, reduces ecological impact and makes roads safer. We will all park diagonally along the entry road in a row, and hope you’ll not need your automobile until it’s time to cut out on Sunday. We recommend bringing a bicycle or comfortable walking shoes to get around camp.


When it comes to accommodations, there are many alternatives – each option is the same price — $100 — and are first come, first serve during the registration period. Registration closes May 4. Whether you sleep in an air conditioned room in a home, share an air conditioned lodge space with other bunkers, choose a platform tent, or bring your own tent, you have many options on this 250-acre site.


We have designated 2 huge fields next to a shower house and within sight / sound distance of the live music stage. There are also platforms for pitching a tent back in the woods far enough from the concert / dining area to be secluded from noise. We have designated one platform area for adults only.

Air Conditioned Lodging:

Great Spirit Lodge – AKA “The Big House” – 6 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, full kitchen, numerous common areas, large deck, heat and A/C – accommodates 25 – Co-ed Lodging. 2 BEDROOMS FULL.

Sahara Lodge – wood burning fireplace, common area, 2 dormitory style rooms, staff bedroom, showers and bathrooms, heat/AC –  accommodates 25 – Women’s Lodging

Bruce Lodge –  wood burning fireplace, common area, dormitory style rooms, showers and bathrooms, heat and A/C. accommodates 25 – Men’s Lodging

Manitowa Lodge (formerly director’s cabin) – small lodge, 2 bedrooms, 1 meeting room, bathroom and shower, heat and A/C – accommodates 15 – NEXT TO CONCERT STAGE / MUSIC

Cedar Point Lodge (formerly the health center) small lodge, 2 bedrooms, 1 meeting room, bathroom and shower, heat and A/C – accommodates 15 – RENTED BY A FAMILY – FULL

Hilltop Hogans – Hilltop Hogans are a village of seven hogans behind Bruce Lodge. You will need to hike on a gravel trail back to them. Hogans are screened door & windowed, no electricity wooden structures that fit 4 twin size beds in them. You will have an old Girl Scout bed frame with a 3 inch mattress on them. Bring all bedding, battery lights, etc. There are outhouse style bathrooms nearby. There’s a shower house on the main field and showers in Bruce Lodge.

Camping Stoves / Fire:

Yes, camping stoves are permitted. We recognize all of you may not be capable of foregoing animal products. However, we invite you to try the vegan food, and promise to amaze you with its animal-free flavor.  So if you feel you must cook some on your own, please do so at your tent or campsite.  Open fires are only permitted in existing fire pits / fireplaces. There are many fire pits and fire places on site. So you just need to forage for the wood and matches.

Yeses & Nos

NO – Propane tanks. Only small camp stoves allowed.

YES – Camping stoves and small charcoal grills are permitted.

NO – Drones. These are neat toys, but we would like our skies free of them. Thanks.

YES – Go ahead and bring your dogs if you have them on a leash and they are dog / people friendly. Just know that music will be played until the hours listed on the schedule and that the woods likely have some ticks. The 250 acre property offers a lot of options for camping in privacy if you so wish.

NO – Underage drinking. This is the law and will be strictly enforced.

YES – Be kind, share, make new friends.

NO –Firearms or weapons of any kind.

YES – Be safe. Be smart. Don’t do anything stupid. It’s really that simple. : )

NO – Fireworks or Lazer pointers. (see above)

YES – Hugging is good. There will be a prize at the end for the most hugged person. Maybe someone you know will be the winner (just kidding… everyone wins).

NO – Meat / Animal products in the dining hall. As vegan/vegetarian, the co-founders of this retreat ask that if you wish to consume animal products, that you do so in your tent, your dorm, campsite or elsewhere on the property. We would like the dining hall reserved for the delicious vegan food we are preparing for you. You will surprise yourself when discovering how yummy vegan food can be.

YES – You are completely welcome to bring beer, wine and alcohol if you are of legal age with proper photo ID. We will not be serving alcohol of any kind as a retreat though.

NO – open fires or unauthorized fire dancing. Fire dancing is permitted only by authorized performers.

YES – Dance freely, spin, twirl, let your inner child out, just not with fire if you are not one of the pros we hired.

NO – ATVs or any gas powered vehicles.

YES! – We are as excited as you are!