Acro Yoga class at Manifest Station Music and Yoga Festival in southern Illinois.

Acro Yoga – Christine Kick & Tim DeWitt

You’re never too old for airplane! Join Christine Kick for a playful partner yoga class where you will find some air time flying high with friends. Join us solo, with a friend or family member. This class will have something for everyone. All acro yoga poses will include the safety of a third person as an educated spotter. Some yoga experience recommended. Bring a yoga mat or two, water, and clothing you can move in.

Aerial Skills / Aerial Yoga – Laura Lockton of ReKinection

Aerial and flow arts are meditative body movement modalities that are beneficial for the body, mind, emotions and spirit. The ReKinective performers share the joy, empowerment and balance that they have experienced by providing opportunities for participants of all ages to try out lyra, hammock and aerial yoga AND to join in the ReKinective Experience show!

Aromatherapy 101 – Meredith Trewolla

Essential oils are the bridge to a natural lifestyle. Not only can they can replace all of the toxic yuck in your home, they can also support every system of the body and at all levels of your being: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Take your next step on the pathway to better health and well-being, and never look back. They are family friendly, and easy to use. Let Meredith show you how!

Ashtanga Yoga – Andrew Eppler

The Heart of the Sun = Andrew’s workshop will begin with an in depth explanation of Surya Namaskar and Vinyasa. Surya Namaskar is at the core of the Ashtanga Vinyasa approach to practicing yoga postures. Vinyasa its self is nothing other than Surya Namaskar in between each posture. The sun has a huge significance in Indian philosophy. Sri Krishnamacharya, who is called the father of modern yoga by many people, came from a very strong tradition of sun worship and Bhakti Yoga. The energetic changes we all experience as we practice yoga are associated with the “rising of the sun within” in Indian Philosophy. This workshop class will explain some of the history and philosophy that Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga rests upon. We will discuss the physical practice of Surya Namaskar and how it can be practiced safely, and integrated into asana practices with the Vinyasa method. If Primary Series would be thought of as a song, Surya Namaskar is the scale and meter of that song. Vinyasa movements can be repeated countless times painlessly, without causing repetitive strain injuries, only if the techniques are learned properly.

Beyond Decluttering: Minimalism, Digital Nomads & Vanlife – Ciara & Derek

Let’s talk minimalism, digital nomading, and vanlife. Join Ciara Brewer, leader of the St. Louis Minimalists group and digital nomad, and Derek Voellinger, Owner of van upfitter Advansureship for a workshop on all things minimalism, digital nomading, and vanlife.

Buti Yoga – Amber Reeder

BUTI, in Indian Marathi, means “the cure to something hidden or kept secret.” This practice is a high-intensity fusion of Yoga, tribal dance, and plyometrics. Buti combines cardio, strength training and flexibility in one seamless format. This class is a unique practice that is known for its primal movement and spiral structure techniques. The major movements you”ll do in Buti are designed to activate all the abdominal muscle groups. You can expect explosive movements,  up-beat music, deep core toning and a quick pace. In Buti you sweat with intention seeking both physical and mental benefits.

Buti creates a strong, empowered group that resembles a tribe. Most importantly you have to leave your judgments at the door, you may do some movements you have never done before and it can seem weird or scary at first, but as long as you show up with an open mind this practice creates a body positivity approach to a deeper sense of self love. Buti Yoga focuses on removing obstacles to our first and second chakras. Buti Yoga follows the lead of many cultures such as Native American and African tribes that have dance rituals using hip and pelvic spiraling. Wear yoga clothes and prepare to sweat! Listen to your body when it needs a break and know that it is always ok to modify or take rest anytime throughout practice. Buti Yoga is often referred to a “soulmate workout”.

Belly Dancing with Veils – Kelsey Kaleta

Bellydancing with Veils is a glamorous and visually stunning genre of bellydance. Its expressive language conveys a wide range of moods – mysterious, romantic, celebratory, spiritual, meditative. In this open levels class, Kelsey will share her experience with the basics of veil manipulation, the nuances of carriage, body lines, and tips for achieving an effortless, flawless performance. Kelsey will bring a box of veils for everyone. If you have a flowy one you prefer, pack it!

Chakra Meditation – Kelsey Kaleta

60-minute meditation through the chakras. By practicing chakra meditation we cleanse and balance out the energy of our chakra system. Chakra meditation is all about focusing on each chakra, from root to crown, to control and restore the energy that flows through them. Each chakra has strong associations.

Cob Mob Oven Building – Mo Costello

Cob is an earthen building material made of clay, sand, straw, and water that has been used for thousands of years to construct homes and buildings. Humans have made shelters this way for so long that we may carry a genetic memory of how to do it.The word ‘cob’ comes from an old English word meaning ‘lump’ or ‘loaf’. The wet cob mixture is used to build thick earth walls; the building technique is very similar to sculpting with modeling clay. Cob building requires no cement, no expensive tools or materials and is a ‘people friendly’ way of building. Once the material is dry, cob is incredibly strong.

Mo will be showing us how to build an actual cob oven at Manifest Station Music + Yoga Festival this September. Come learn this process and get muddy with us!

Earthing Yoga  – Debby Siegel

The natural rhythmic pulsations of energy flowing through and emanating from the surface of the Earth keep the biological machinery and global life running in rhythm and balance — and that includes you! Unfortunately, we tend to live like cut flowers, detached from the nourishing Earth energy. Earthing, also known as grounding, is simply reconnecting to the Earth’s healing energy. We will flow with our Mother Earth in a yoga practice that includes grounding, breathwork as big as the sky, tuning in, and feeling the current flow through us and our practice. We may get a little dirt on us.

Energy Healing – Meredith Trewolla

Join Meredith for a crash course in energy healing! In this 60 minute workshop, Meredith will discuss a number of ways to use energy healing in daily life that can be easily learned and applied. There will be some time for some Q&A before she wraps it up by walking you through a step by step self-healing meditation. And don’t worry if you didn’t get it all, she’ll send you on your way with some take-home resources to support you in your journey forward!

Fledgling Yoga – Rachel Roberts

Brand spanking new to yoga or a veteran looking to brush up on fundamentals or dive deeper? This class is for you! In this workshop we will break down commonly seen poses to give you some tools to take into any other yoga class. This class will be difficult but do-able for all levels, even the never-done-yoga-before can’t-touch-the-floor nervous newbie!  

Heart Open: Restore Flow + Connection – Hanna Wyland

This deep stretch style class will begin with grounding and introspection through card pulling and mindful breathing. We will open up with gentle asana with an emphasis on heart opening postures. To close out, there will be time to connect with one another, holding space to feel, be, release, and receive whatever it is that your heart needs.

Hoop Dance for Adults – Casey Renee

Looking for a fun fitness experience? Hula-hooping is a great way to improve balance, coordination, and core strength. Learn the basics of hoop dance along with a few hoop tricks. Don’t worry if you’ve never been able to keep a hoop up! You’ll have a ton of fun no matter what (and chances are you’ll be waist hooping before the workshop is over). Modifications are available to accommodate any level student, from beginner to advanced. Hoops are provided for use or students may bring their own.

Inspiration Activation – Shenee

Journey into Self-embodiment through transformational breathwork, movement medicine and art therapy.

Introduction to Classical Thai Massage – Andrew Eppler

Thai Massage is one of the most effective forms of bodywork, and it is closely related to yoga. It teaches simple and powerful tools for helping our friends, family and fellow yoga practitioners. Thai Massage is something like having yoga postures “done to you”. In this class everyone both gives and receives a Thai massage while the techniques are carefully explained. There are no pairs. The massage takes place in a rotating circle so that each person can experience as many different body types as possible. Receiving regular Thai massage opens the body and relieves the tension patterns that can pull our bones into misalignment. Thai massage is also an excellent foundation from which to learn disciplines such as Yoga Therapy, Osteopathy, Muscle Activation Technique, and many others. Andrew believes that asana practices benefited very much by study of the body and healing techniques. Thai massage is an excellent addition to our yogic education! Everyone will learn simple, easy to remember, and effective methods for relieving tension in our bodies and increasing our range of motion. This class is lots of fun and leaves everyone feeling relaxed and happy!

Inversions – Tim DeWitt & Christine Kick

In this 60 minute inversions playshop, you’ll gain the basics for safely setting up, transitioning into, and building strength in a few inversions. Yogis of all abilities will benefit from understanding the fundamentals of these poses, setting the groundwork to grow your inversion practice.

Kids’ Activities – Casey Renee & Crow Mother Collective

Link to all the kids’ activities here.

Power Flow: Sun Salutations – Hanna Wyland

In this powerful, vinyasa style class, we will break down some Sun Salutation variations and link breath to movement. Through this flow, we will honor the sun that gives us life, the vessels which allow us to live, and our souls which allow us to experience life. 

QiGong – Meredith Trewolla

Awaken your Life Fore Energy.  Qi Gong is a Chinese natural healing practice that is simple and non-intimidating. It is perfect for all ages and types. Qi Gong combines gentle movements, mindful breathing, and meditation to clear, balance, strengthen and energize the body, awakening the flow of energy through the system for efficient healing and improved wellbeing. Set your day up for success by joining Meredith as she walks you through 30 minutes of her personal favorite Qi Gong movements.

Reiki + Restorative Yoga – Danielle Arzt

Look for a total body, mind, renewal as we combine the healing powers of reiki and restorative yoga. 

Reiki is a subtle hands-on healing technique that moves energy in the body to places where it is needed the most. While restorative yoga helps ease the mind as we practice “being” in poses for longer.  Both a certified yoga instructor and reiki practitioner, Danielle will guide you through a releasing restorative practice supported by bolsters and blocks so that you can find complete surrender. While you are resting in the postures, Danielle will channel reiki energy to remove blockages in the body and open up the energetic channels. This combination will allow for total relaxation and you will leave feeling reconnected and refreshed!

Sound Journey – Chris & Charlotte Proud & JM of Dub Sutra

An intimate acoustic sound healing journey with Chris & Charlotte Proud and JM of Dub Sutra. Come explore that Dub Sutra-induced harmonious mind space. This interactive discussion based upon proven science and primordial principles of sound healing will include gong, bamboo flute, crystal bowls and guitar.

SUP Yoga – Danielle Arzt

Standup Paddle Board (SUP) Yoga is a peaceful yet fun way to take your practice outdoors and onto a floating mat. Danielle’s classes are designed to help you feel grounded and stable in a calming, yet empowering, flow. The classes will begin on land with a few minutes of instructions on SUP 101 and safety. Then paddle out to anchor our Floating Studio together.

Join Ozark SUP Yoga instructor, Danielle Arzt on Little Grassy Lake on Saturday afternoon. There are just 12 boards, so we will have a sign up sheet outside the dining hall for this class. Wear whatever you’d like. Bring a towel and water bottle.

Transformational Breathwork  – Shenee Booth

Uncover your limiting beliefs, get clear on your intentions, readjust the lens through which you are experiencing life. 

Traveling Abroad – Rachel Roberts

We all love to travel right? Who doesn’t love a great vacation somewhere fabulous? But have you ever wondered how these folks we all hear about and see on Instagram that travel for months or even years are actually doing it? Do they all have trust funds or are there other ways us normal, non influencers who have to work to eat can do this? Rachel is a St. Louis native without a wealthy backer and has about 5 years of long term travel experience. She traveled and lived in Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Thailand, India and Nepal to name a couple of the highlights. Today she is going to talk about living, working, traveling and how to build a new life somewhere on a budget. 

Vision Boards – Crow Mother Collective

“Think it into existence” is the idea behind a vision board. The law of attraction uses the power of the mind to attract and manifest into existence what you desire and think about regularly. By looking at your vision board daily, it will subconsciously become embedded in your mind.

In this workshop, we will create a vision board where you will build a collage of your goals and dreams using recycled magazines, books, and any craft supplies the creation station has to offer. You will want to take home and keep your vision board somewhere you will see it daily. This can also be an extremely powerful aesthetic reminder of personal desires and life direction when you feel off course. Come design and manifest your ultimate life!

Welcome to Inner Space – Jordan Serpentini

Join Stella Lumina’s Jordan Serpentini and her digeradoo / singing bowl partner – New Age Voyager – for a Reiki tuning / sound bath.

Yin Yoga – Tim DeWitt

The long-held, deeply restful postures of Yin Yoga provide a welcome contrast to the more dynamic, Yang dominated practices that are popular in the modern, Western world. A remedy to our fast-paced lifestyles, Yin is a practice that encourages people to slow down–immersing in the kind of stillness that can lead to the expansion of consciousness.

Yoga + Minimalism – Ciara Brewer

Minimalism stretches beyond cleaning and organizing our physical spaces or living out of a backpack; it can be applied to our mind, body, emotions, relationships, and so much more. In this yoga practice, we will explore minimalism on our mat through the framework of the niyamas, the second limb of yoga.

Expect to journey through breath, light movement, and guided meditation.

Read more here: 

Yoga Nidra – Debby Siegel & Thom Paloza

In yoga nidra, we restore our body, senses, and mind to their natural function and awaken a seventh sense that allows us to feel no separation, that only sees wholeness, tranquility, and well-being. Practitioners say that it often brings immediate physical benefits, such as reduced stress and better sleep, and that it has the potential to heal psychological wounds. As a meditation practice, it can engender a profound sense of joy and well-being.