Create Your Narrative:

Yoga + Journaling

Nov 13, 6P | Wild Carrot


A combination journaling and slow-flow yoga class, pairing writing prompts that encourage self-exploration and creative thinking with gentle flow.

You are the author of your life story.

You’re the editor too.

Ever read a book you are so enthralled with that you find it tough to set down, only to have the ending sort of peter out and disappoint you? (I can think of a couple.)

Do you sometimes wonder where your life is headed or if you are living your purpose fully? By weaving together journaling and a slow-flow yoga class, we will find some edits for your story, infusing it with chapters that will have you hooked on the edge of your seat.

A journal, like a yoga mat, can be a refuge, a place where you can discover more about who you really are, and celebrate that discovery. By interjecting free flow and some guided writing / drawing exercises into a yoga practice, we will open to the richness of deeper self-reflection and express it into our daily existence.

When we listen to our ego, we often do things that don’t align with our true beliefs or intuition. This part of our self is mostly concerned with survival, and usually entails getting what it wants in all situations despite the consequences. This is the part of our thoughts where we judge, criticize, fear, set conditions and doubt our abilities. The ego is essentially the cause of the chitta vrittis or the ‘fluctuations of the mind’.

By paying attention to our self, or self study (svadhyaya) with yoga and journaling exercises we will become more aware of the things we do that harm us, as well as those which serve us and bring us closer to that process of ‘yoking’ or ‘uniting’ with our true Self. We will edit our story. 

Create Your Narrative: Yoga + Journaling Workshop

Create Your Narrative

Journaling is a form of svadhyaya or Self study. It gives your internal landscape a voice. It’s a chance to document your processes, to reflect upon and release any longings or questions. (Journal & pen provided, or bring your own if you wish.

90 Minute Experience Nov 13 // 6P \ Wild Carrot // 3901 Shaw Blvd \ 63110

Practitioners will be provided a 30-page, lined 5.5″x8″ journal and a pen for this 90-minute experience where we’ll discover more about our Selves and our future.

Beginning our evening with a warm cacao elixir, we’ll settle in with some soft meditation and pranayama (breathwork) tuned to the sweet soundscape of Willow Beseda’s instruments. Expect to intermittently flow and inspire understandings on your mat, and then translate those to your journal. You will leave uplifted, with a clearer vision for your next chapter. You will find answers. 

If you prefer pencil or your own journal or writing utensil, feel free to bring it along and use it instead. While I have extra mats, bringing a yoga mat will be helpful as well. No writing experience necessary. The journal is entirely yours to keep. Like your yoga practice, it is uniquely you. It will transpire based on where you are at on that particular day and time. You will leave with more understanding of your potential and some clarity.

We would like to bring this Create Your Narrative workshop to our event / studio.