Find Your Flow State

Get in the Zone with Somatic Movement to Live Music by @HarmonyOm_Music. Move ecstatically with your breath and create an effortless sense of presence.

Harmony Om Music by Christine Kick at Life Time Frontenac July 19, 2024

We will practice flowing in our bodies, breathing and moving. At its core, our asana yoga practice is a practice of inquiry. The shapes are merely blueprints of possibility. Our personal practice is a conversation between our body and breath where respectful listening is key. It is a process where the outcome is not as important as moment-to-moment presence and attentiveness. We will tap into this presence and create access to the Flow State.

FLOW STATE… You have likely experienced a flow state at some point, that sense of fluidity between your body and mind where you are totally absorbed by and deeply focused on something, beyond the point of distraction.

Time feels like it has slowed down. Your senses are heightened. You are at one with the task at hand, as action and awareness sync to create an effortless momentum.

Some people describe this feeling as being “in the zone.” This is the flow state and it’s accessible to everyone, whether you’re engaged in a physical activity, a creative pursuit, or even a simple day-to-day task. 

Harmony Om Music by Christine Kick at Life Time Frontenac July 19, 2024

If you’d like to experience it in your body, on a yoga mat, please find your way to Find Your Flow State at Life Time Frontenac July 19, 6:30-8pm. Sign up under Events on the Life Time App.