Living Libido Yoga

Living Libido Yoga

How yoga might benefit your sex life.

Yoga helps you to connect with your breath and body, both important to heightening sensation during sex. Yoga also increases flexibility, which can help you explore new positions. Also, a regular yoga practice will leave you stronger and more toned, which can increase your body confidence (though of course, the most important source of confidence comes from within).

In this 60-minute workshop we will explore breathwork intended to increase blood flow and center the mind. We will get in touch with our bodies and out of our judging minds. We will explore poses intended to build flexibility,  endurance and pelvic floor strength.

Date Night Yoga Workshop with Debby Siegel. Spend time together connecting and growing closer. couple stretching together

Who wants better sex?

Some people head to yoga classes for the physical benefits, but yoga offers  much more, both on and off the mat. One benefit of yoga is its power to enhance your sex life. “Yoga truly focuses physically on the core and emotionally on being present. Both are super important for sexual health,” says gynecologist Dr. Alyssa Dweck, who specializes in female sexual health. “Maintaining yoga poses requires mental fortitude and ‘being present.’ Learning mindfulness through yoga translates to being in the moment during sex.”

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Want to Host this Workshop?

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