Wednesdays Beginning 4/21/21

Creve Coeur Lake Rentals
13171 Dripping Springs Rd
Maryland HeightsMO 63043


Water is the element of emotion, creativity, passion and pleasure. We all breathe air and drink water daily. In fact, these are the final two items on the list of necessities of life. You can live 3 days without water, only 3 minutes without breath.

In SUP yoga we combine the elements with a yoga practice, and have discovered the antidote to pretty much everything! Come balance out your mind and body and check in with those stabilizer muscles. Invite that courageous soul to experience Mother Nature and dive deep into your strengths. We float in an outdoor classroom, tethered over 6 feet from one another on a floating moor line at Creve Coeur Lake, where the sunsets are nothing short of miraculous.