Debby Siegel, MSA, RYT

Debby Siegel, MSA, RYT, Yoga Evangelist with a sparkling soul.

Whether teaching kids mindfulness through puppetry, connecting minds and bodies through kinetic art, or leading others through yoga poses on paddleboards, Debby’s inventive style coupled with her well-honed wit establishes new, lively environments for students to connect to their breath and their Selves.

With seemingly endless ingenuity, Debby empowers those around her to excel as well.  On her blog, readers share in stories she and her friends write about a variety of active, healthy, conscious-living experiences. Find her on a bike, rock, paddleboard or skis, and sometimes biking to the other activities. This dedicated mom of socially conscious teenagers has no shortage of causes she champions.  She believes in the interconnectedness of us all and consistently works toward improving the world for all its inhabitants.

So carpe your mat, and join Debby for a journey bound to embolden you to love and live more.

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