Being fully present in the moment is the greatest gift you can offer yourself and others. We humans are wired to seek and thrive in connection with one another, to feel the experience of our life having purpose and meaning, and to emit joy flowing effortlessly through us.

The most potent way you can gift yourself and others the felt experience of connection is with your presence. If you’re looking to enhance your ability for presence and mindful attention, perhaps try some of these cost-free ways:

  • pause and focus inward, on your breath. Notice it with all your senses.
  • meet the eyes of a stranger in your community and offer a gentle smile
  • resist the urge to steer conversations your way
  • listen deeply to others with empathy and without judgement
  • put down your smartphone
  • journal (even a sentence per day of reflection is a powerful tool)
  • look up at the sky and notice 3 things about it
  • stand on the earth barefoot
  • listen to your body
  • meditate first thing in the morning, before looking at your phone
  • switch the hand you brush your teeth with
  • see everyone as a teacher you might learn something from
  • look others in the eyes when communicating
  • practice yoga
  • set a reminder on your phone to pause for even a moment or two in silence 

Truth is no one is perfect at being fully present. Me least of all. It’s a continual learning process, not something you figure out and then you’re all good. It’s messy and beautiful. I am a work in progress and hope my tips above offer you some guidance for continuing your progress toward a more present state of being. If you have other tips, I’d love to learn from you too. Email me, text or call. See you soon.

Happy Holidays my friend!