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Summer 2022 marks my 5th year offering Sunset SUP Yoga at Creve Coeur Lake. We tether to a moor line with our boards separated by about 6 feet. In this floating yoga class we incorporate elements of yoga and breathing to help you find more balance both on and off of a paddleboard. Expect to have fun while challenging your individual edges of flexibility, focus, strength and balance. Beginners welcome as no yoga nor paddlebaording experience is necessary.

The available time is 90 minutes, with 45 minutes dedicated to yoga, 15 minutes of free paddling & photo opportunities, and 30 to get setup and return to the dock. You will be supplied with a board. It will have a tethering line with a carabiner for clipping onto one of two moor lines in the water. The knots will allow for floating 6+ feet apart, and you'll be breathing in the air of the great outdoors, so no worries about recirculated air.

The $29.25 ticket gets you the yoga class and board rental for 90 minutes. If you bring your own SUP board, class is $15.  We will hold class in the 15 foot deep water in front of Creve Coeur Lake Rentals. Please allow time to park, sign their waiver and get out on a board.

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What should I wear and bring?

You can wear usual yoga clothing or shorts that you don't mind getting wet. You may choose to wear a swimsuit. It's your choice. If it's a sunny day, don't forget sunblock and a cheap pair of sunglasses (in case you lose them). Also, a towel might be nice for your ride home after. Please leave any valuables in your locked car and arrive with enough time to find parking and get initiated to paddleboarding.

What if I fall in the water?

The paddleboards we use are all Glide stand-up paddleboards. They're large, sturdy and the waters are generally calm unless it's a super windy day. We are each clipped onto a moor line that will assure your board stays in the class and all facing the same direction. The lake is about 15 feet deep where we float our class.  As long as you know how to swim and are comfortable around water, you will be fine. The idea of falling keeps you focused in class for sure, but those who do fall in, end up bravely attempting even bolder moves. I've seen it often. If you fall, you just get right back on the board.

Is yoga harder on water?

Being on a board offers you the opportunity to fine tune your attention to this exact moment. It may be said it's more "difficult" in the sense that you need to pay attention to alignment, foot placement, and smooth fluidity of movement in order to maintain balance and stability on the board. It's harder to simply mimic postures you know and "cheat" through muscle memory. You will learn more about how you center and trust in your stabilizer muscles intensely. Many students sign up again and again, for the fun and challenge offered in this class. You will receive much guidance about how to maintain balance on this floating mat. And no one will be doing their shopping list while moving through poses in this class!

Where is class held? 

Creve Coeur Lake Rentals is noted on the map below. Be sure to arrive with enough time to find a parking spot and bring your driver's license for the board rental.

Map of Creve Coeur Lake Rentals pavilionn

Creve Coeur Lake Rentals
13171 Dripping Springs Rd
Maryland Heights, MO 63043
United States

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