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Breathe & Bend & Bandha


Bandha Yoga

Lock in your power Friday, September 16, 9-10:15a at Breathe & Bend Hot Yoga in Albers, IL. We will surf the pranic energy waving through us and lock in at the edges to feel harmony and balance. Students will gain wisdom around the bandhas - aka energy locks - of the pelvic region, the diaphragm, throat, hands and feet. These internal mudras can be understood through our Western lens of physical practice, as activation and engagement of muscle fibers, in strategic areas in the body, that support in the toning and lifting of the systems of the body against the natural laws of gravity. We will examine the chief axis of prana in the body, the spinal column, which rises from the perineum to the base of the skull while creating lightness and fluidity found by building awareness around Bandhas. When bandhas are  applied, the body becomes less earth-bound and more mobile.

$18 investment, register online or in person.

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