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Athletes recognize how paramount fluid breathwork is to supporting a relaxed body and mind when performing at a physical limit. Climbers specifically. So, we begin each class focusing on our breath and slowing it into deep diaphragmatic breathing. Once connecting to this centering, stress-relieving ingredient, we begin moving energy though our bodies with a vinyasa flow, core work and stretching exercises, that will build strength for the cruxes of our chosen sport.

Complementing your athletic endeavors with a regular yoga practice, you can benefit from improved stamina, flexibility, agility and centering. In addition, yoga enhances proprioception, a vital ingredient in all sports. This class will be tailored to athletes and specifically climbers, so we can all stay in tip top mental and physical shape through this "re-entry" timeframe.

  • TUESDAYS 6:30pm  - Climb So iLL Power Plant - St. Louis
  • THURSDAYS 12n - Climb So iLL Steel Shop - St. Charles

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