• Yoga Retreat in Greece July 6-13, 2024 with Debby Siegel 500 ERYT and Breathe & Bend Hot Yoga.
    Greece • July 6-13, 2024

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Poolside Flow Yoga by Life Time teacher Debby Siegel
Poolside Flow Yoga by Life Time teacher Debby Siegel on Sundays 7p

Life Time

Life Time is a membership-based luxury athletic country club. Message me to be my guest.

Climb So iLL yoga students in dancer pose

Climb So iLL

Drop in to Steel Shop (St. Charles) for just $10. We usually climb after class!

Sunset SUP Yoga Mondays at Forest Park Boathouse. FREE!
Sunset SUP Yoga Mondays at Forest Park Boathouse. FREE!

SUP Yoga

Sunset SUP Yoga at Forest Park Boathouse is FREE and offered on Mondays.

Debby’s Self Discovery

Forever a student of this mighty practice, it was in her forties that Debby discovered yoga and the healing it grants the body and mind. It has helped her navigate many of life’s transitions since, including a career shift into the humbling role of yoga teacher. Debby creatively guides yoga students with her earthy mix of attentive alignment, fluid movement and breath awareness. She encourages curiosity about the practice and often uses props to further enhance the asana experience. Debby’s fresh ideas engage people’s imaginations as students are whisked away from routine and carried along on magical yoga journeys with inspiration woven into every class, workshop, and event she leads. With no shortage of causes she champions, Debby lives her mantra “I possess infinite potential” every day.

Curious Students Needed:

Events in July 2024

  • There are no events scheduled during these dates.

Debby practicing her trademarked yoga outside the lines

Unique Experiences

Naturally playful with a centering demeanor, Debby inspires students and followers through creative one-of-a-kind opportunities to inquire more about themselves with a childlike sense of wonder. Connecting becomes an automatic biproduct. 

Upcoming Retreats & Festivals

hike and meditate

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