Healing Village

Healing Village is a quiet, supportive sanctuary for intentional exploration. Find your way here to experience a curation of healers to help you restore, ground, focus and accelerate your growth.  During our time together as a collective on this land, many will feel called to turn inward to a more private, confidential space. They will be able to engage in self care in our Healing Village. Please set times with healers and respect your appointments.
This community of healers and conscious vendors will feature the following conscious community members from all over sharing beautiful, soul-full products and services.
The healers are committed to evolving consciousness, and offer exclusive products & services just for YOU! 
Olive Street Soap Co has been part of Manifest Station since its inception. Here's a peek inside their hogan.

Shelly Hogan, Breath Mama

BreathWorker. Body Mechanic. Spiritual Mentor

Breath Mamma formed when, Shelly Hogan started training as a Rebirthing facilitator under Leonard Orr at Inspiration University, in Virginia. Simply, rebirthing is a breath work modality that uses a conscious connected rhythm to induce an energy cycle and clears any unconscious/subconscious psychic stuff that the body is holding onto. Read that as having a lot of courage to be willing to breathe and to surrender your fears, ego, issues, and small minds at the door.

Breath Mamma is here to assist you with all the things your own mother was too unconscious to teach you, because her mother was too. She is learning to Re-Parent herself, and practicing Spiritual Life Mastery by living in this beautiful present moment and through daily, devotional self love.

After growing up with two parents as Deputy Sheriffs, and many Military Uncles, she has a sharp, compassionate tongue, and will let you know when you are lying to yourself, how you can love yourself and others even more, and how to take responsibility for all of your own shit. Because it’s all yours, everything else is just a projection.

Breath Mamma has had many life teachers in the past, mainly in the form of pain and suffering. Yet a few amazingly, conscious people came in and planted seeds that are now fields of fresh sunflowers, and now she wants to share the harvest. She is a Consciousness Facilitator, Rebirthing Educator, and a Licensed Massage Therapist all rolled into a funny, sometimes obscene package.

Your presence is beautiful.

Thanks for being here.

Your “stuff” is welcome here.

BreathWorker. Body Mechanic. Spiritual Mentor

Shenee Alexa

BreathWorker. Body Mechanic. Spiritual Mentor

Shenee Alexa is a curious student of life’s journey. She is a Massage Therapist, Reiki Practitioner, Pranic Healer & Breathwork Facilitator who studied at The Healing Arts Center of St. Louis. She is also a Mindful Schools Educator for children and teens. She takes an integrative approach to wellness, encouraging clients to consider their physical, mental and emotional wellness, as well as the quality of their breath and their relationship to the environment.

Shenee is passionate about working with those who are ready to improve their life experience and enjoys sharing applicable tools to assist in self growth. Shenee believes that we each hold within in us the potential for uniting with our purpose and creating our desired reality.

Sound Healer and Reiki Master

Allison Satkowski

Sound Healer and Reiki Master

Allison is a Usui Tibetian Reiki Master and a Certified Sound Healer.  She works to cultivate safe space for her clients to heal and embody their own divine wisdom. Allison began her healing journey at 16 with the practice of yoga.  Yoga introduced her to the more subtle layers of being.  Since then, she has completed various trainings, workshops, and years of self practice to deepen her understanding of these energetic subtleties. She is an experienced practitioner and customizes each session to deepen the experience.

Sound Healing with Himalayan Singing Bowls: Sound healing is a therapeutic practice that utilizes the vibratory quality of sound. Sound has the ability to shift our brainwaves and guide us into deeper states of consciousness. In doing so, we allow our body, mind, and spirit to reconnect with our own true resonance (the frequency at which we most naturally vibrate).

Your session will take place on a massage table surrounded by Himalayan Singing Bowls.  The bowls are gently played, wrapping the body in a healing sound cocoon.  If appropriate, bowls will be placed on the body and intuitively sounded to offer a deeper vibrational experience.  Comfortable clothes free of buttons, zippers, beading, and metal closures are highly encouraged.

Reiki: Reiki translates as spiritually guided energy and is very similar to the concept of prana in yoga. Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that invites the whole body, physical and energetic, to move towards balance. A reiki session helps ease stress and tension which supports the body’s natural capacity to heal on all levels; physical, mental, and emotional.

During a typical session, you will lay on Allison’s massage table fully clothed. The practitioner is working to invite the healing energy of reiki into the client’s physical body and energetic body. A variety of hand placements will be used and the touch is gentle.

7 Healers

Delightful Mind and Body

Amy Brown

Delightful Mind and Body

Amy Brown, is an Usui Reiki Master & Teacher who was trained at The Healing Arts Center of St.Louis.

She will be joining our Healing Village to share her knowledge & experience with pranic healing, pranic crystal healing, reiki healing, & massage therapy.

She commits her free time to the discipline of self care in the form of yoga, breathwork, and is currently studying the 10 etheric bodies of Kundalini. Find Amy’s Healing Hogan for:

• Massage Therapy
• Pranic Healing
• Pranic Crystal Healing
• Reiki Healing

Jewelry Maker, Usui Holy Fire Reiki Master, Rune and Tarot Reader

Meredith Trewolla

Jewelry Maker, Usui Holy Fire Reiki Master, Rune and Tarot Reader

Trewolla’s Elements line features loops, links and knots with graceful lines and powerful forms, all inspired by the elements. The elements featured in this collection are Earth, Air, Water, Fire, Aether, Solar, and Lunar. Don your jewelry, and embody the elements!


Wellness by Willow


Willow is a woman rooted in that unconditional kind of love, devoted to living in the flow, awake and consciously reviving the heart through inner work, embodiment practices and art forms. Through experience of personal enlightenment, spiritual growth and ascension, she was able to learn how to release old wounds/triggers/pain/karma/childhood trauma. Learning how to strengthen her life force, and melting the boundaries of separation into oneness, combined with mindful living, Willow has transformed and manifested her true desires with ease and grace while being a new mother of two.

Sometimes your greatest strength is to ask for help, to receive, to surrender, to be vulnerable and raw. Honesty and sharing your story is healing within itself. To live in a state of peace, wonder, and presence is a must in today’s society. Let Willow help you break the barrier to open your mind and heart, live in your truth and illuminate the light within you, letting go of suffering and pain. Would you like to get to the root of the issue in the mind body and or spirit, or just cover up the symptoms?

Willow has been providing  massage therapy for over 10 years now, and devoted the last 3 years to Thai yoga bodywork, reiki, pranic healing, crystal bowl sound healing, meditation classes, and Goddess workshops. She will be bringing her strong passion for serving and sharing the sacred plant medicine of Cacao to Healing Village at Manifest Station, Volume 4.