50 Truths I’ve Learned
in 50 Years of Living

Debby Siegel and Sierra heading to Oahu for Wanderlust 2018

  1. Yoga is the answer
  2. Facebook memories are time warp reality checks
  3. Eating close to the earth makes most sense to me
  4. Kids are the supreme teachers of life lessons
  5. The book is always better than the movie
  6. You’re never too old for airplane
  7. Today is a gift
  8. Cycling always makes my day better
  9. Loving fiercely is worth it
  10. Life humbles you, sometimes because you need it
  1. Focus on the good stuff (my shirt I’m wearing while typing this!)
  2. Likes on social media do not accurately depict who you are, nor do they bear any resemblance as to your worth as a human
  3. Enjoy all four seasons
  4. Eye contact matters
  5. Sunsets and sunrises happen daily. See at least one
  6. Ask for help (relearning this regularly)
  7. See the stars. If it takes getting out of the city, do so
  8. Planting a garden is therapy. Eating what you grew is richly rewarding
  9. Keeping a journal centers me and I find self love and self compassion in it
  10. Voting matters
  11. Everyone has a story and carries some pain in their body
  12. Choose to give back. It is more richly rewarding than money
  13. Singing helps. Turn up the radio and sing
  14. Hugging for 20+ seconds releases oxytocin
  15. The greeting of a dog and the laughter of children is medicinal
  16. Positive words matter
  17. If it comes in styrofoam don’t buy it. Styrofoam doesn’t biodegrade, ever
  18. We didn’t inherit this Earth from our parents, we are borrowing it from our kids (Native American proverb)
  19. If she/he cheated on someone with you, it’s only a matter of time
  20. The more I focus on my breath, the better everything gets
  21. Not everyone is the same in person as they appear online
  22. IKEA bags are the same width as yoga mats
  23. Yoga props are always helpful
  24. Being upside down helps
  25. Confidence is sexy
  26. Great leaders don’t get where they are by following the crowd
  27. It’s just stuff
  28. Words matter
  29. Never lose your inner child. Dance. Sing. Skip. Color outside the lines
  30. Get the massage
  31. Give your time to your children
  32. Believe you can. It’s the first step in accomplishing anything
  33. They can’t say yes if you don’t ask
  34. Ask the Universe daily, “How does it get any better than this?”
  35. Sunscreen is paramount
  36. Fit does not equal healthy
  37. No one is perfect. This especially holds true for people we put on pedestals. No matter how important, how many followers they have nor how enlightened they are, they’re still human
  38. You can do anything if you try
  39. Gratitude is the key to happiness
  40. Aging is a privilege not all are afforded