EQUILIBRAR Tulum Yoga Retreat Schedule

Dec 27 – Jan 1 Schedule

What to expect

Think of EQUILIBRAR (Spanish for balance) as an inclusive vacation with yoga. You’ll be fed brunch and dinner daily at our private villa in downtown Tulum each full day (Monday, December 28; Tuesday, December 29; Wednesday, December 30; Thursday, December 31). You will also have coffee and teas available to you throughout the retreat (Sunday, December 27 – Friday, January 1). We will have one holistic (think soundbath meditation) outing as a group on Wednesday, December 30. And you may choose to participate in yoga twice each day on the 4th floor palapa studio. 

Included in your retreat is your arrival from Cancun airport on Sunday, December 27. There will be two 8-passenger vans running from Cancun airport on Sunday, December 27 to the Tulum property. (We will stagger them once we know flight details.) We will also provide a van back to the Cancun airport on Friday, January 1. (The number of vans depends on the number of people returning on that day. Vans are 8 passenger.)

Day 1 - Sun, Dec 27

Arrive via van from Cancun airport.

6:30pm – Dinner

8pm – Restorative Yoga with Jeni

Day 2 - Mon, Dec 28

9am – Create Your Narrative: Yoga + Journaling with Debby

11:30am – brunch

6:30pm – dinner

8pm – Yin Yoga with Jeni

Day 3 - Tues Dec 29

9am – Vinyasa Yoga with Jeni

11:30am – Brunch

6:30pm – Dinner

8pm – Restorative / Deep Stretch with Debby

Day 4 - Wed, Dec 30

9am – Slow Flow with Debby

11:30am – Brunch

2:30pm – Soundbath Meditation at Holistika, van leaves Cafe Ayurveda at 1:30.

6:30pm – Dinner

8pm – Thai Massage (done in pairs) with Debby & Jeni

Day 5 - Thur Dec 31

9am – Vinyasa Yoga with Jeni

11:30am – Brunch

4p-5:30p – Optional beach photo shoot with retreat photographer

6:30pm – Dinner

8pm – Intention Setting Meditation / Yin with Debby & Jeni

10pm – New Year’s Ceremony

Day 6 - Fri, Jan 1

9am – Pool Yoga

12pm – Check out, van to Cancun airport