May 1-3, 2020

Camp Taum Sauk, Lesterville, MO

Manifest Guides

Debby Siegel

Earthing Yoga
Yoga Outside the Lines

A co-founder of this and many festivals and retreats, Debby has intentions of redirecting humans to being – just being. Find her creating ways for connecting to others and connecting others on her website (you’re on it) or on a mat, rock, paddle board or any surface on which one might breathe. Debby believes in six impossible things before brunch and that through yoga, mindfulness, health, adventure, the outdoors, family, friendships and gratitude, we all progress. So carpe your mat, and join her for a journey bound to embolden you to love, live and giggle-snort just a little more!


Tim DeWitt

AcroYoga, Pranayama Power

Tim is a fitness and health enthusiast which manifests itself in many forms. Being drawn to the path of alternative therapies, working with the mind, emotions, and energetics of an individual.  These interests led him into his journey with yoga, asana, and the physical body. His experiences inspired him to become a yoga instructor. Tim stepped onto the path to earn his RYT 200hr with Yoga Six.  He is always working to absorb and share new information of the body, mind, and heart.

Christine Kick

Acro Yoga
Campfire Sound Sessions

Christine Kick makes it a priority to live a life filled with adventure and joy!

Becoming an AcroYoga (AYI) certified instructor 6 years after first falling in love with the partner flying practice, Christine teaches fun, explorative classes that combine acrobatics with therapeutics, showing others how to find strength and cultivate a greater sensitivity.

In addition to leading teacher trainings and teaching yoga, Christine has studied thai massage and Reiki and has a growing healing arts practice.  She is grateful to be living her dream and fulfilling her mission to inspire others to be themselves, spread love, and to remember to smell the roses.

Laura Lockton

Aerial Silks

Laura Lockton is the founder of ReKinection.  She brings aerial and flow arts – meditative body movement modalities that are beneficial for the body, mind, emotions and spirit – to Manifest Station Vol 4. 

The ReKinective performers share the joy, empowerment and balance that they have experienced by providing opportunities for participants of all ages to try out lyra, hammock and aerial yoga AND to join in the ReKinective Experience show! We’ll move our bodies, challenge ourselves, learn how much we’re capable of and have fun together.

JQ Williams

Ecstatic Dance

JQ Williams is a warm and energetic teacher bringing an ecstatic dance yoga experience to Manifest Station in May 2020. JQ’s aim is to build conscious and supportive communities through movement and mindfulness. She loves backbends and arm balances and has a strong practice, but her secret love is the depth of her restorative practice. Her classes are always different, providing a variety of ways to access the poses through flow, alignment, and inquiry. Each class will hold a surprise, a unique twist or turn that keeps students constantly learning and growing.

With over 29 years of different movement practices, her kinesthetic awareness is diverse and deep. Certified as a 500hr e-RYT, and Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider®, JQ is the founder of Northern Yoga Center in St. Paul, MN.

SiriAtma Kaur

Celestial Communications
Gong Sound Healing

With a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, SiriAtma completed Yoga Teacher Training through West-East Natural Healing in 2012. She then continued her studies in 2013, and began Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training at Sat Tirath Ashram in Kansas City, MO.

Siri Atma teaches Hatha & Kundalini Yoga classes and private instruction throughout the St. Louis area, works with healing those with addictions, and has served as the administrator of all West-East Natural Healing programs for over one year.

We are fortunate to have her guiding Celestial Communications and Gong Sound Healing programs at Manifest Station Volume 5.

Meredith Trewolla

Morning Qigong
Self-Help with Energy Healing

Meredith Trewolla is a facilitator of natural healing, healing movement enthusiast, and Young Living Essential Oils distributor and educator living in and serving the greater Kansas City area. She combines Usui Holy Fire Reiki, Attuenment, Healing Touch and essential oils in her energy sessions, supporting her clients in their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and wellbeing. Meredith is also passionate about sharing the healing powers of joyful and mindful movement. She first picked up a hula hoop over 13 years ago, and experienced transformational healing inside the hoop. Since then, her flow prop vocabulary has naturally expanded, and she discovered a passion for Qigong and aerial arts as well. Meredith’s mission is to educate, empower and inspire her fellow humans on their own healing paths by being the most authentic human she can be, and raising the planetary vibration in the process.

Abi Feil

Kids Activities Director
Kids Yoga

Abi Feil is a yoga teacher, therapist, reiki healer and creative professional living in the greater St. Louis area. 

She combines her knowledge and training in yoga and reiki with her experience in marketing, design, wellness, and her energetic gifts, to work with clients. 

Locally, Abi offers yoga therapy as a PRYT student practitioner, workshops for adults and children, and yoga classes. 
Abi will be coordinating the kids programs at Manifest Station Volume 5 – MSV this May 1-3, 2020 at Camp Taum Sauk in southern Missouri.

Wind Song

Sacred Sexuality,
Music & Mantra

Wind Song is a recording artist and sound healer from Dallas, TX. Combining performance and activism, she aims to make a difference in her community through fundraising and service to others. In addition to public performances including traditional mantra woven through a multi-instrumental soundscape of Reiki infused lyrics, harmony and vocals. As a survivor of human trafficking, Wind Song also donates 11% of each album sale to helping women and children like herself recover and rebuild.

Lisette Cheresson

Third Eye Yoga 
Seasonal Alchemy: A Yogic Journey

Lisette is a writer, yoga teacher, and content strategist focused on growing brands in sustainability, wellness, and women’s empowerment. She’s the co-author of The Yoga Almanac, a book Elena Brower called “an indispensable compendium… to developing a practice of clarity, presence, and alignment with integrity.” Lisette completed her 200-hour training in Brooklyn and her Reiki attunement in India, and has made short films with leaders such as Eddie Stern, Eoin Finn, and Chelsey Korus. She’s taught at Wanderlust Festival, and this is her third Manifest Station. She joins us from her home in the Hudson Valley, NY. 

Kevin Wathey

Cultivate your CORE,
Meditation for Beginners

Through Anatomy, Physiology, and Breath and Movement classes at ASU, Kevin Wathey’s affinity for the foundations of yoga began. It was later in Bali, on an acting gig that Kevin deepened his understandings of yoga and adopted it as his lifestyle. His RYT in hand, Kevin is now guiding yoga in Phoenix, AZ at Life Time Fitness and TruFusion. You can also find class with Kevin online through his website Synchronicity Yoga. Kevin hopes to share the positivity that yoga brought to his life with us once again this year at Manifest Station Five through his Cultivate your CORE and Meditation for Beginners class offerings.

Kelsey Kaleta offers buti yoga and belly dancing at Manifest Station Music and Yoga Festival.

Kelsey Kaleta

Glow Yoga
Buti Yoga
Chakra Meditation

Kelsey Kaleta is a Yogini, Belly Dancer, Hoop Dancer, Butisatva and Hair/ Makeup artist that resides in St. Louis, MO. She performs belly dance, hoop dance, and is a body art model for concerts, festivals, and private events. Kelsey teaches a variety of yoga and dance classes in the Midwest. Her goal is to support women and men to connect to their inner guide through body and mind connection. Kelsey strives to provide a safe and supported non-judgmental environment for students to come as you are move freely.

Shenee Alexa 

Transformational Breathwork

Shenee Alexa is a mover, creator and visionary. She is a Massage Therapist, Breathwork Facilitator, Reiki Practitioner & Pranic Healer who studied at The Healing Arts Center of St. Louis. Shenee takes an integrative approach to wellness, encouraging clients to consider their physical, mental and emotional states, as well as the quality of their breath and their relationship to the environment. She loves traveling; building community everywhere. Her other passions include edible gardening, kayaking, dancing and journaling.

Kennedy Rawlings

Find Your Bliss Yoga
Mindful Vinyasa
Devine Sutras

A 200 RYT, nature enthusiast, healer, writer, vegan, and deep thinker, Kennedy started her yoga journey at the age of 19 in a very lost state. She quickly realized how powerful the ancient practice of yoga truly was as it completely transformed her life. Coming from a dark, scary place she turned her path completely around with the help of Yoga, and she knew she had to share it with everyone she could. Kennedy focuses these days on a nature, yoga and healing program for at risk juvenile delinquents. 

Josh Lynn

Yin Yoga, Massage Therapy, Thai Bodywork

Josh’s journey in the healing arts started about 10 years ago and continues to expand. After a Massage Therapy training his appetite for more healing modalities grew, so he added a 200 hour yoga teacher training, and a 300 hour in March of 2017 in Goa, India. His presence is calming and yet giggly. Josh will offer a yin yoga class and various services as a massage therapist from 30 minute rejuvenating massage to Thai bodywork. Pre-book his Healing Village hogan time online.

Sarah Fuhrmann

CBD Yoga

Sarah Fuhrmann, 500 E-RYT, is so vibrant and genuine, you’re bound to click with her too! Sarah Fuhrmann has authored and offers yoga teacher trainings; is the founder of Our City Yoga Events and offers beer / yoga pairings in St. Louis, Milwaukee and Chicago; teaches at YogaSix in multiple cities; and will bring classes you will want to attend!

Danielle Arzt 

SUP Yoga

With her 200 hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training certificate in hand, Danielle received her SUP Yoga Teacher Training in Floridea and brought it back home to Springfield, MO. Next she’s adding yoga for children to her certifications.

Her classes combine different yoga styles, and focus on calming the mind to allow space for fluid movement, strengthening, loosening the muscles, and toning the body. She creates unique experiences, while making any space a haven. Danielle’s mission as a teacher is to share her passion and bring awareness to others of how powerful yoga is, and not just through asana but yoga as a whole — a complete mind, body, and soul transformation. 

Casey Ablaze

Hula Hooping

A student and teacher of movement, Casey loves to blend her yoga practice with hoop dance. Casey’s passion for flow arts was sparked while watching a hula-hooper in her flow state, dancing at a music festival. Motivated by that state of  bliss, Casey picked up her first hoop over a decade ago. Since then, she has explored many styles of movement and prop manipulation. She has performed at festivals, runway shows, concerts, galas, and other events in St. Louis and across the Midwest. Dynamic and bubbly, Casey creates a welcoming environment for students to create shapes and move their bodies.

Rachel Roberts

Yoga with Therapy Balls
Fledgling Yoga 
Traveling Abroad

Rachel’s yoga journey began about eight years ago and her life has not been the same since. Yoga has helped Rachel practice patience, self-love and kindness. She has moved all over the globe the last few years and her yoga mat has become the home she can bring anywhere. Rachel is so grateful that now this practice that has grown so familiar, and is something she gets to share.

Lexi Jordan

Ajna Yoga w/Aaron Hale on guitar
Ashtanga, Yin

Lexi’s bio

Pooki Lee 

Hula Dance

Born into a tradition of Hawaiian hula, Pooki Lee carries the spirit of Aloha and the ancient art of the Hawaiian hula deep within her being. Having danced since she was a baby she was imparted with the unspoken wisdom that is hula. Under the instruction of her grandmother and mother she learned how to connect with this sacred knowledge. It is her passion to share this ancient wisdom with all who are called. Pooki is committed to inspiring love, connection and aloha with everyone she meets and is excited to be sharing this with all of you at Manifest Station Five!

Camp Taum Sauk

499 County Road 368, Lesterville, MO 63654