SEPTEMBER 24-26, 2021

Camp Taum Sauk, Lesterville, MO

Manifest Guides

Debby Siegel

Earthing Yoga
Tea Ceremonies

A co-founder of this and many festivals and retreats, Debby has intentions of connecting humans to being. She oscillates out the love vibes that help us all connect to others and our Selves on yoga mats, rocks, paddleboards or any surface on which one might breathe. Join her for Earthing Yoga where we’ll ground into this six sextillion metric ton battery hurling through space together, pulsating with the energy flowing through and emanating from the surface of Earth. Or find that t-shirt you want to slit weave into a new look in her Slit Weave Design offering. Debby believes in six impossible things before brunch and that through yoga, mindfulness, health, adventure, the outdoors, family, friendships and gratitude, we all progress. 


Tim DeWitt

Movement + Sound Journey
Yoga Breathing Demystified

Tim is a fitness and health enthusiast whose smile beams from his being and draws you in. At a young age, Tim found the path of alternative therapies, working with the mind, emotions, and energetics of an individual.  These interests led him into his journey with yoga, asana, and the physical body. He earned his RYT 200hr with Yoga Six and later his 500 in Bali. He is now leading teacher training this year at Life Time Frontenac, where he is always working to absorb and share new information of the body, mind, and heart.

Christine Kick

Acro Yoga
Campfire Sound Sessions

Christine Kick makes it a priority to live a life filled with adventure and joy!

Becoming an AcroYoga (AYI) certified instructor 6 years after first falling in love with the partner flying practice, Christine teaches fun, explorative classes that combine acrobatics with therapeutics, showing others how to find strength and cultivate a greater sensitivity.

In addition to leading teacher trainings and teaching yoga, Christine has studied thai massage and Reiki and has a growing healing arts practice.  She is grateful to be living her dream and fulfilling her mission to inspire others to be themselves, spread love, and to remember to smell the roses.

Laura Lockton

Aerial Silks

Laura Lockton is the founder of ReKinection.  She brings aerial and flow arts – meditative body movement modalities that are beneficial for the body, mind, emotions and spirit – to Manifest Station Vol 4. 

The ReKinective performers share the joy, empowerment and balance that they have experienced by providing opportunities for participants of all ages to try out lyra, hammock and aerial yoga AND to join in the ReKinective Experience show! We’ll move our bodies, challenge ourselves, learn how much we’re capable of and have fun together.

Amber Reeder Buti Yoga teacher Manifest Station

Amber Reeder

Buti Yoga

Completing her 200 hour RYT in spring of 2018, Amber delivers the life changing strengths she curated in that classroom to all her surroundings now. Her journey a story of healing and connection that continues to open each day, Amber is a distinct liaison for community. She began as studio manager at YogaSix Des Peres mere months prior to the pandemic, and has gifted so many with her ability to help others stay connected and grounded in whatever ways they’re most comfortable through this role. 

Buti Yoga is a passion of Amber’s. Find her in the SURYA Solar Yoga space guiding Buti Yoga at Manifest Station, and share in the feeling and energy that is palpable in this form of yoga. For a description of Buti Yoga, link to our Class Descriptions page.
“The way Buti allows you to let go and to release the things you hold deep, cannot be put into words.” ~ Amber Reeder, RYT

Chris & Charlotte Proud & JM
Dub Sutra

Sound Journey

Dub Sutra is the collaborative project of husband and wife producers, Chris and Charlotte Proud, and from their worldly array of poets and guest musicians, John Mark Aladeen will be joining our guide staff at Manifest Station Five! With over 20 years of experience and extensive research on the effects of sound healing, Dub Sutra’s music combines the use of modern sound technology with ancient vibrational healing techniques to take listeners on an inward cosmic journey and stimulate a positive state of mind. 

Since their first time performing together in 2009 for the Deepak Chopra Musical Satsang, Chris and Charlotte have grown their sound tribe into a global sensation. 

Meredith Trewolla

Morning Qigong

Meredith Trewolla is a facilitator of natural healing, healing movement enthusiast, and Young Living Essential Oils distributor and educator living in and serving the greater Kansas City area. She combines Usui Holy Fire Reiki, Attuenment, Healing Touch and essential oils in her energy sessions, supporting her clients in their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and wellbeing. Meredith is also passionate about sharing the healing powers of joyful and mindful movement. She first picked up a hula hoop over 13 years ago, and experienced transformational healing inside the hoop. Since then, her flow prop vocabulary has naturally expanded, and she discovered a passion for Qigong and aerial arts as well. Meredith’s mission is to educate, empower and inspire her fellow humans on their own healing paths by being the most authentic human she can be, and raising the planetary vibration in the process.

Shenee Alexa 

Transformational Breathwork

Shenee Alexa is a mover, creator and visionary. She is a Massage Therapist, Breathwork Facilitator, Reiki Practitioner & Pranic Healer who studied at The Healing Arts Center of St. Louis. Shenee takes an integrative approach to wellness, encouraging clients to consider their physical, mental and emotional states, as well as the quality of their breath and their relationship to the environment. She loves traveling; building community everywhere. Her other passions include edible gardening, kayaking, dancing and journaling.

Hanna Wyland 

Power Flow: Sun Salutations
Heart Open: Restore Flow + Connection

As a visual artist, dancer, and RYT 200, Hanna is all about creativity and expression. Growing up as a dancer with a yoga-loving-father, Hanna was exposed to this beautiful practice from a young age, and it felt like the perfect fit. And since those first few experiences, she continues to fall in love with all aspects of a yoga practice, on and off the mat. Hanna teaches a variety of classes, from meditation & restorative practices, to powerful, yet mindful flows. For each class, her hope is to provide a safe space for others to go inward, express, feel, and honor ones vessel and one’s Self.

Tia Adkins

The Metaphysics of YOU

Tia Adkins, Seba (Divine Teacher), is celebrating her 20th anniversary as a student of new thought. Divine science is a metaphysical branch of philosophy that studies the first principles of being, identity and change, space and time, causality, necessity and possibility. It includes questions about the nature of consciousness and the relationship between mind and matter. Tia is a member of the leadership team at the Center for Divine Love in St Louis and will leading a discussion titled The metaphysics of YOU in our outdoor PRITHVI tent.

Andrew Eppler 

The Doors of Perception 
Thai Massage Workshop

Andrew Eppler has been practicing Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga for over 3 decades. He is the director of Ashtanga Yoga Studio in OK and is binging his Mysore Yoga Traditions film to Manifest Station Five. Andrew has spent many years studying the philosophy of the Nathamuni Sampradaya tradition that Sri Krishnamacharya belonged to. With the help and support of senior Sanskrit professors in Mysore, Andrew has developed an approach to teaching physical postures that fits the modern paradigm. 

Kelsey Kaleta offers buti yoga and belly dancing at Manifest Station Music and Yoga Festival.

Kelsey Kaleta

Belly Dancing with Veils
Chakra Meditation

Kelsey Kaleta is a Yogini, Belly Dancer, Hoop Dancer, Butisatva and Hair/ Makeup artist that resides in St. Louis, MO. She performs belly dance, hoop dance, and is a body art model for concerts, festivals, and private events. Kelsey teaches a variety of yoga and dance classes in the Midwest. Her goal is to support women and men to connect to their inner guide through body and mind connection. Kelsey strives to provide a safe and supported non-judgmental environment for students to come as you are move freely.

Rachel Roberts

Yoga for Every Body
Fledgling Yoga 

Rachel’s yoga journey began about eight years ago and her life has not been the same since. Yoga has helped Rachel practice patience, self-love and kindness. She has moved all over the globe the last few years and her yoga mat has become the home she can bring anywhere. Rachel is so grateful that now this practice that has grown so familiar, and is something she gets to share.

Casey Renee

Kids Zone Director
Hooplah for Adults

Casey is a yoga instructor, artist, and community organizer based in St. Louis, MO. She is excited to share space and laughter with our young attendees in the Kids Zone. She will also lead hula hoop workshops for both kids and adults throughout the weekend. 

Adam Weiss

Plant Walk

Adam Weiss, owner of Prairie Roots Ecological Services, studied at The Evergreen State College and brings his seemingly infinite wisdom of Ozark region plant life to our festival each year. He will be guiding an edible and medicinal plant walk that is not to be missed.

Ciara Brewer 

Beyond Decluttering; Minimalism & Overlanding
Yoga & Minimalism

Insatiably curious, Ciara Brewer is an explorer of simplicity and connection. Reguarly one might discover her breaking into song. She is a creator of content, agile marketer, yoga teacher, and the community leader of the St. Louis Minimalists Group. When she’s not investigating new information or storytelling, you can find her overlanding with her partner Alex and their border collie Dexter.

Danielle Arzt 

SUP Yoga

With her 200 hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training certificate in hand, Danielle received her SUP Yoga Teacher Training in Floridea and brought it back home to Springfield, MO. Next she’s adding yoga for children to her certifications.

Her classes combine different yoga styles, and focus on calming the mind to allow space for fluid movement, strengthening, loosening the muscles, and toning the body. She creates unique experiences, while making any space a haven. Danielle’s mission as a teacher is to share her passion and bring awareness to others of how powerful yoga is, and not just through asana but yoga as a whole — a complete mind, body, and soul transformation. 

Danielle Morningstar 

Kundalini with Crystal Bowls
Sound Bath

Rev. Danielle Morningstar is a harmonic healing practioner, transformation coach and intuitive artist in La Cygne, KS.

On a quest for answers and an intense urge to help heal herself and other, she soon found herself learning various healing modalities such as Healing Touch, Reiki Seichim and becoming a Quantum Light coach. It wasn’t long into this journey that she also found herself with a strange new ability. The ability to channel light language from the higher dimensions. What seemed very strange at first, something she would apologize for if it sounded “too weird,” has become what she now considers to be an incredible and powerful gift that she uses in energy healing practice, sound meditations and artwork.

Jordan Serpentini 

Welcome to Inner Space

Divine Intuitive, Reiki Master Healer, Musician, Muralist & Professional Skateboarder, Jordan Serpentini loves to play meaningful music, paint unifying art and teach others how to heal their crazy go-go-go minds. Jordan is performing as Stella Lumina and leading a Reiki Attuning Sound Bath with her partner, New Age Voyager.

Camp Taum Sauk

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