You’re ready. You have done the work and are ready to launch your teaching career, studio, or line of yoga related products.

  • How do you authentically stand out in a crowded marketplace?
  • What makes people choose you or your studio?
  • How do people find your yoga products online?

These are all ways Debby has helped businesses, brands and individuals. Let’s raise the vibrations of the planet together.

  • Ambassador / Social Media Campaigns

    Ambassador / Social Media Campaigns

    It’s a pleasure to know and to work with Debby. She takes every opportunity to connect with individuals, friends and her students on and off the mat. I’m amazed at her pristine organization and correspondence needed, to curate events that bring people together, beyond the classroom. I’ve watched her champion eco-friendly, family based, and/or ethically oriented companies. She inspires this passion in everyone,  not only for yoga, but for love of self and of purpose.  

    Dori Zaki
  • Website Design / Social Media

    Website Design / Social Media

    Debby has been awesome to work with. She is a great communicator and responds promptly! I needed a website created and she had it built and ready to go for a great price! She always makes me feel comfortable asking questions and when I need help with making changes!! I would be lost with out her help!

    Annie Trachsel
  • Social Media Campaigns

    Social Media Campaigns

    Debby has invited Soulshine Yoga Jewels to take part in several Instagram contests and giveaways. Through her intuitive use of social media, ever-growing network and beautiful posts (in this case, still images, fliers and stop gap motion), my jewelry company was able to reach and engage hundreds of Instagram users in our target demo. 
    Rebecca Sheehan
    Owner + Designer
  • Brand building / Event Marketing / Blogging

    Brand building / Event Marketing / Blogging

    Debby is a Yogi with incredible creativity and strong business sense. I worked with Debby over several yoga events; she paid attention to details and was extremely organized and responsible. Debby Siegel offers extra services and ensures a unique experience at her events. 

    (Karuna is a St. Louis plant-based beverage company started by Angela Zeng in 2017. The core philosophy behind their drinks is compassion for good health.)

    Angela Zeng, PhD
  • Website Design / Social Set Up

    Website Design / Social Set Up

    Coming soon.

    Stephanie Kinney, 500 RYT
    Yoga Teacher
  • Social Campaigns / Marketing Consulting / Product Design

    Social Campaigns / Marketing Consulting / Product Design

    Debby has been an invaluable force for my young Yoga wear line. Her creative direction, marketing insight and advice has helped me grow my customer base and make new connections within my demographic and market base. Not only is her work amazing, her personality is truly wonderful. I hope to continue working with her for years to come! 

    Dana Niro
  • Yoga Event Planning

    Testimonial on its way!

    Chloe Caylor
    Marketing Director
  • Yoga Event Planning / Product Consultant / Teacher

    Yoga Event Planning / Product Consultant / Teacher

    Debby is a cornerstone with the Yoga network in Saint Louis. She has helped our business not only reach, but speak authentically to the community. Her guidance has given us the opportunity to create meaningful products to help yogis succeed.

    David Chancellor