Manifest Station is an all-inclusive yoga and music festival in southern Illinois which aims to inspire positive collective consciousness for all through the collaboration of talented musicians, outstanding yoga and movement instructors, performers and healers. By keeping the ticket costs low and including accommodations and food in one price, we have made the weekend accessible to every person who wishes to join the Manifest Station community.

Community is not possible without families. Manifest Station goes to great lengths to welcome and embrace families and young ones at our festival.  There are many kids’ activities opposite classes for parents so that everyone has a chance to experience long-lasting memories at this weekend getaway.

Mother Earth. We believe in the betterment of ourselves and the planet. We offer healthy vegan food in our dining hall. In between the five meals offered from dinner Friday night through brunch on Sunday, vegan snacks will be available in the dining hall 24 hours per day. We also put in the effort to recycle all waste, compost our food waste, and use real dinnerware, not plastic nor styrofoam.

Healers. Let’s create a utopian community for one weekend on this 257 acre property. You will find an array of healing modalities in our Healing Village, with diverse hands-on therapies, energy work, and sound healing offered. To get involved in the healing village, please complete the online application.

Musicians. Promoting healthy living while out in nature, Manifest Station’s underlying mantra inspires interconnectedness and collective consciousness. Our musicians add to this environment. All musicians are asked to stay the weekend. If you are or know of a musician who would like to apply to be a part of our festival in 2019, please contact [email protected] as soon as possible.


Refund Policy:
Refunds are available. Up to 30 days prior to the event start date, ticket holders may request a full refund, less any transaction fee. Up to 14 days prior to the event start date, a 50% refund (less transaction fees) is possible. Closer than 14 days, no refunds are available.